Term Time Meet-ups

The group meets weekly during term-time
from 9:30 am till 11:30 am.
At Katesgrove Children’s Centre

This terms our theme is transport. Plus we’ve got an extra special session with a visit from Hartbeeps.

26/04/19 –
Vehicle collage
03/05/19 –
04/05/19 –
Parents night out – see in Facebook group for more details.
10/05/19 –
Biscuit decorating
17/05/19 –
The naughty bus sensory story
24/05/19 –
Making and flying paper airplanes
To find Katesgrove Children’s Centre search;
179 Elgar Road RG2 0BN – (Google Map link here)
Take the lane on the direct opposite side of the street
between 198 and 200 Elgar Road.
Come join us to meet and chat with fellow families and carers of multiples. Have a hot drink and some cake made by the wonderful grandmother of twins Margaret. Biscuits, bread sticks, juice and sippy cups are also available.
You are very welcome to come along and join while you are still pregnant.
Breastfeeding support is available most weeks from Breastfeeding Berkshire volunteers. An ABM trained Breastfeeding Counsellor and/or fellow twin mum ABM trained Mother Supporter. Ask in the members Facebook group to be sure.

If you need help sooner check out helpful links section.

The group has toys and mats, a large hall and a garden room and when the weather is decent an enclosed garden.

Special guests are invited during the year;
– A photographer comes along twice a year.
– A hair dresser to cuts kids hair.
NCT Reading Branch Nappy Library – to answer all your cloth nappy, wipes, reusable sanitary
– Sling lady to show you how you can carry your twins in carriers.

If you need help at the group for anything, please just ask someone. We are a very friendly, understanding, helpful bunch.

Feel free to bring anyone you feel you need to. Dad, grandparents, family friend. Older siblings are welcome as is anyone you care for.

Membership to the group is £10 a year and £2 per family each week to come.

Your first time at the group is free.
So please come along and see us, we’d love to meet you!

Members also have access to the Facebook group;

Where you can benefit from;
– Being able to chat to other local families.
– Buying and selling items and clothes for your pregnancy and twins.Come and visit us on a Friday in Katesgrove Children’s Centre Reading for a chat, a play, a tea or coffee and a helping hand.

If you aren’t yet ready to come along to group or sign up as a member please follow our public Facebook Page to keep up to date;