Another Baby

What! You are having another Baby?

This was the reaction of most when I announced that I was having my third child.  Complete and utter disbelief that we would choose to have another baby after having had twins but I always knew that I would want to experience it all again (plus I think I blanked all the bad bits out if my Husbands account of our girls first six months is anything to go by!).
Having had a relatively easy pregnancy with Lainey and Emily and an uneventful birth I was not put off of the idea of going through it for a second time and more importantly I was acutely aware that every first for the girls although I would experience it two times would be over so much quicker than if they were singletons and that when they start school, go to University etc. that my babies will be gone in one fell swoop.
Clearly having twins cannot have been that traumatic though as we did choose to expand our family further and as so many have said to me having a single child would be a doddle after having had twins so what was to stop us. I think many forgot though that we still have the two older monsters to deal with as well!!
Thankfully Mia was a blissfully easy baby and slept for England in the first few months of her life.  She is somewhat more of a challenge now she is roaming and with two Sisters intercepting her every move she is not quite the relaxed little soul that she was.  However, is this any different for us than it is for any other parents who have three children?  The fact is that this is all I know and we will have to deal with the inevitable challenges that anybody with three pre-schoolers has to face such as ensuring stair gates and bathroom doors are not left open, that small toys are not put within reach of prying hands and the joys of getting a little one off for their naps when a riot is erupting downstairs for example.
What having Mia has done is make me much more aware of what it must be to be a twin because unlike my youngest child they have never been alone and have experienced everything new in their lives together.  I am also conscious of the effect being a Sister of twins may have as I am sure this will shape her personality in the future especially as she is the sibling of two girls who have been the focus of so much attention and even fascination particularly when out in public for all of their lives.  I hope she never feels as if she is in their shadow and that instead she reaps the benefits of two readymade playmates who she will hopefully grow up to share with, confide in and socialise with because after all she too will never have known anything else.
So the truth is that since having Mia I have had glimpses particularly now the girls have started nursery of what it is like to be the parent of a singleton and it is SO much calmer and less chaotic than I could have ever have imagined and yet I still would not change things for the world.
          Carla Fisher.